I know a lot of people are excited to get this book, as it was available during Forgeworld's Open Day, and is only available for pre-order for the rest of us. Here are some pics and rules within that just might hold you over until the book is released.

Friday May 3rd is the release day for Imperial Armour 12. So its right around the corner. You can get your pre-orders done here at this link.

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Imperial Armour 12: Fall of Orpheus
Dark Harvest Legions of the Maynarkh
New Necron Units from Forgeworld:

For Necrons we have:
Kutlakh the World Killer
Toholk the Blinded
Canoptek Tomb Sentinel
Tesseract Ark
Sentry Pylon
Nightshroud Bomber
Necron Tomb Citadel

Necrons have received a full new army list named Dark Harvest Legions of the Maynarkh

New warlords trait table for Necrons:

1 = +1 or -1 to reserves
2 = Warlord survives game +1vp
3 = Must issue and accept challenges +1vp for every enemy character killed in a challenge
4 = Whilst within 3" of objective warlord and unit get to re roll re animation rolls
5 = Can give a single ranged weapon +1 strength each turn
6 = Warlord gains the crusader USR

2 new named chracters
New versions of existing units IE Royal court of maynarkh

Necron Lord Kutlakh The World Killer 220pts

Kutlakh Stats
5,4,5,5,3,2,4,10 2+
He has a Staff of Light and The Obsidax
The obsidax is a close combat weapon with the following profile:
Str as User (5) Ap 2, Instant Death, Specialist Weapon.Wargear:

Staff of Light, The Obsidax and Splinter of Madness, Phylactery, Phase Shifter, Semp. Weave

Obsidax is a CC-weapon with the following profile:

STR: User AP 2

Splinter of Madness: Kutlakh must declare challenge(?). Before the challenge both combatants roll a D6 and add their leadership.

Special Rules: IC, Ever Living and RP, Adamantium Will, Must be Warlord in a 'new-necron' army and has to use a specific trait (probably 3), Phaeron, Unit joined by Kutlakh has Fear and Fearless, Phaeron

May take a Command Barge

He must declare a challenge...
Before the challenge takes place both combatants roll a d6 and add their leadership If Kutlakh's total score is greater than that of his opponents, his opponent suffers a reduction to their weapon skill for this assault phase equal to the difference. Opponents reduced to 0 cannot fight this phase.

Toholk: 125 points
4 4 4 5 2 2 2 10 3+/3++
Aeonstave, Timesplinter Cloak, Transdimensional Beamer.

IC, Ever Living, Slow and Purposeful

You have Cron-Warlord-trait 1 if Toholk is the Warlord. (Reserve thingy) always gets the +1 or -1 to your reserve rolls if is your warlord, unit joined gains night vision and cannot be blinded, may also reroll a single D6 in each of their turns, other ability at start of game roll D3, this amount of vehicles in your army get the It Will Not Die rule and regenerate Hull Points on a 5+ of which you choose.

10 warriors in a unit minimum instead of 5 no points difference with the Maynarkh units compared to their standard counterparts, need two troop choices filled in before can use Immortals ie they cant be used in compulsory slots as they are classed as rare in the Maynarkh army but really its just so people field more Flayed Ones.

Flayed Ones don't have Shred but Maynarkh Flayed Ones 10pts and other units such as Maynarkh OverLords 5pts, Maynarkh Lords 5pts, Maynarkh Warriors10pts, Maynarkh Immortals 10pts and Charnel Lynchguard 10pts can be upgraded to have Flensing Scarabs which give Shred rule in the first round of assault for the points above.

New Scarabs called Charnel Scarabs have Shred and Rending but no Entropic Strike, WS improved to 3 from 2 and is 20 points a base so extra 5 points to upgrade to Charnel type, everything else the same.


12 armour all round
4 HP
Five death sphere bombs Large blast Str 10 Ap 1, Blind and Pinning
Heavy Support choice

Sentry Pylon (HS Choice), 135pts each basic with 120" S9 AP2 Heavy 2 Gauss Exterminator, has interceptor and skyfire, is artillery with 3 Wounds, 3+ save and T7, can take 1-3 in battery's, +40pts for Heat Cannon 36" S10 AP1 Heavy 2 Blast Melta or +25pts for Focussed Death Ray pick point in 24" roll 3D6 and extend line between the two points, S10 AP1 Heavy 1.

Tesseract Ark
12 armour all round
Heavy Support choice
3 fire options
Solar Fire Rg 48" Str 7 Ap 2 Heavy 3 Blast
Particle Hurricane Template St 3 Ap 3 Fleshbane
Seismic Lash Rg 24" Str 5 Ap 4, Heavy 1 Quake, Armourbane, Ground Lash (hits in a thin line like the death ray)
When weapon destroyed occurs on a 4+ the ark is destroyed and all models within 6" suffer strength 6 ap - hits. Also str 6 from an exploded result.

150 pts for 3 jump infantry
have 3+ save, 50pts each, 3-9 per unit.
armed void blade and cutting beam rg 12" Str 6 Ap 2 Assault 1 Melta
Can be a fast attack choice in necron list
Toughness 5 Wounds 3
Also fearless and stealth

Tomb Stalkers are elite now as the new Tomb Sentinel is in the fast attack slot.

Tomb Sentinel its 195pts
T7 beastie with 4 wounds
Fearless, Rampage, War Construct and Phase Tunneling
Armed with and Exile Cannon
Rg 12" Str X AP - Heavy 1 Blast
The number of models hit under the template have to take a strength test or be removed no saves allowed. It is random which models are hit.
Phase tunnelling gives Fleet, Deep Strike, Outflank and Hit & Run (interestingly its I 4 no doubt so it can use this ability as most cron stuff is I 2)
War Construct makes them immune to Fleshbane and Poisoned rules.
Optional upgrade Sepulchral Scarabs means it gains it will not die!

Tomb Stalker is still 205pts but i still think its better due to the rules it has than previous ones.

The Tomb Stalker has lost 1 wound from 5 down to 4 and the Brutal Assault rule which gave +2 attacks on the charge instead of the normal +1, also the War Construct rule has changed slightly which allows anything that doesn't use Fleshbane or Poison rules to harm it normally but no real biggy there or atleast not for me.
It has gained the Outflank special rule to deploy from the sides depending on the dice number rolled and the Acute Senses rule so it can reroll this dice, very handy and makes it much more or a threat, if it is in an assault and the enemy is more numerous (ie not a single model unit) then it gains the benefits of the Rampage rule and adds +D3 attacks so potentially 8 S6 AP2 attacks against squads if it charges and 7 if not, unfortunately it does mean only 3 smash attacks where previous it was 4 but who needs help destroying vehicles these days anyway.
To make it even better it can add Gloom Prism and Sepulchral Scarabs for 15pts each, Gloom Prism to help against psychic abilities on a 4+ just as the Tomb Spyders do and the Sepulchral Scarabs mean it gets the It Will Not Die rule and on a 5+ gets a wound back at the end of your player turn.
The Outflank and Acute Senses means i would probably take this over a C'tan Shard as it will likely be able to attack on the turn after it deploys instead of 2-3 turns moving 6" then running while getting shot to pieces and it would be fun to tease my opponents with as to which side it will tear up, going to try this on sunday to test it out.
Charnal Lychguard
225 pts for 5
5-10 a unit, 45pts base per model, Swords and Shields +5pts, comes with Rage, Fear and only one unit allowed per Overlord in the army.
Warscythe armed
Have Rage and Fear
Soldiers of the bloody court: Only 1 unit per Overlord in the Army
Can add flensing scarabs giving them shred
Can exchange warscythe for shield and sword like normal lychguard

The Gauss Pylon (Apoc) is mostly the same.
One change:
Flux Arc used to be heavy D6 to all enemy units in range.
Now it seems to be 2D6 to one unit only!

Necron Tomb Citadel
300 pnt fortification for 40K!!!
The two big buildings are both AV14 and each penetrate results into a D6 (5+ destroys it)

has both Eternity Gate and Scarab Hive (check Codex! Scarab Hive is broken when you roll a 1)
docked Monolith or Sentry Pylon fire with STR+1
If destroyed, the docked machine takes STR10AP2.

Power Crucible:
Units, Crucible and Ziggurat on the Citadel have 3++
All RP-rolls of 1 can be rerolled on the Citadel.

Comms Relay for 20
Up to two Tesla Destructors or Gauss Exterminators with Skyfire/Interceptor for 65 or 100 each.

Minotaurs get a new vet Seargeant Hamath Kraatos 60pts
Replaces a devastator seargeant
Armed with a heavy bolter which can be fired normally or with the following profile:
Rg 48" Str 6 Ap 3 Heavy 1, Sniper
Signum: one model in the unit can count as having BS 5.
He also has prefered enemy

The Dark Harvest army list can be taken as Allies of Convenience for a Necron Codex army or vice versa so the usual things apply ie cant join the other necron codex characters to the Dark Harvest units etc.

The (elite) Tomb Stalker, Acanthrites, (Fast Attack) Tomb Sentinel, Tessaract Ark, Sentry Pylon, Night Shroud Bomber and the Necron Tomb Citadel can all be used for normal lists.

The two HQ's and the changed units like FO's and Lychguard are only for a 'Dark Harvest'-list.
But you can use them as allies even though Necrons usually can't ally Necrons!

Warlord table for Death Korps

1 = The warlord and all DK's units within 12" add +1" to their charge roll
2 = Whilst warlord is alive select a single unit within 6" of them in the shooting phase that has the ordnance special rule the weapon counts as twin linked this turn
3 = Warlord and unit within 3" of Obj gain Fearless and FNP 6+
4 = Can auto put night fighting on in first turn
5 = Warlord and any DK's unit within 6" gain prefered enemy infantry when in the enenmy deployment zone
6 = Nominate a single piece of terrain in enemy deployment zone the cover save is lowered by 1


Damocles 75 pts

Can be used with as an HQ choice Space Marines, DA, BA, SW and BT
Can bring in orbital bombardment once per game Str 10 AP 1 Large Blast, Barrage.
Teleport Beacon units arriving from deep strike within 12" do not scatter
Command Vox Relay
Allows player to add or subtract 1 from all reserve rolls

Hecaton Aiakos
contemptor dreadnought 225 pts
Can be added previous minotaurs list or used in codex space marines as an elite choice.
FA 13 S 12 I5 rest as normal
HP 3

Plasma cannon
Special Rules
Augmented Atomantic Shielding
4+ invulnerable vs shooting attacks, 5+ inv in close combat in addtion add +2" to the radious of explosion results

He is venerable


Instead of making normal cc attacks he can chose to make a groundstrike attack at I1. It automatically inflicts 1 hit against each enemy unit engaged with Aiakos for each model in that unit in base contact with Aiakos model. So for example, if Aiakos is in base contact with three models from an enemy unit, the unit suffers 3 hits and so on.

Str 6 Ap4 Melee, Strikedown.


  1. Dark Harvest Legions...
    That sounds about right. I feel like Necrons harvest my men when I fight them.

    As if Necrons needed being any scarier... ^_-

  2. lol the necrons are not over powered much are they. They sucked before this book now they mega suck. The bomber is Str 10 Ap1 large blast, make my Tau Str 5 AP5 bomb (then roll to see if you can make another) seem very crappy in return.

    1. The perks of being millions of years older???

    2. your tau bommer doesn't cost over 200points..

    3. For 40 pts extra i would take that :). I would more and likey just use the Tau fighter anyway as that can do a Str 8 AP 4 large blast. The Tau are the new boys on the block compared to everyone else in 40K, would be nice to have a game against this Necron list.

    4. Seeing as how all the 6th edition books were designed and written and roughly the same time, you aren't going to experience codex creep. Surprised when facing new stuff? Sure, but Tau aren't any stronger than DA, CSM, or Daemons.

    5. The funny thing is, a GK Stormraven is just plain better. FW release a decent flier for Necrons and people start complaining.
      In any case, this has Tesla Destructors and the bomb for 50 points more than a Doom Scythe. That seems quite expensive to me, but fine.

    6. Depends on who you're playing. Vs Orks or nids wouldn't a regenerating bomb be better than a one shot killer bomb?

    7. It has 5 bombs, which is more than enough to last the entire battle. Granted, for a bomb, perhaps Str 10 Ap1 is a bit much, of course it would to great against vehicles and terminators.

  3. Wasnt it noted that the tesseract ark also came with quantum shielding so it techinically av14 front and side.

    1. In the last thread that was corrected as being wrong.

    2. No. That was for the flyer. The arc was stated as having QS.

    3. And they also have Quantum Rolling. Any dice result under 4+ is considered 4+.

    4. Thank god that flyer doesn't actually have qs Av 14. Hearing that alone was enough for me to never want to include FW in my games.

  4. While the nightshroud's rules are ridiculous - I can see why they made them that powerful. The model is a bit lackluster, and chances are that a necron player already has a fill of fliers. (Which begs the question why they felt the need to make another one)

    So what do they do to move models? Make it nigh indestructible with a massive bomb payload.


    1. That isn't at all how Forge World has ever worked so why should they start now? So calm yourself

    2. Necrons have dominated air space for millions of years. It makes sense that they get great air units to compensate for slow and boring foot soldiers.

    3. Slow and boring foot soldiers, eldar troops are some of the best in the game. They also now embark on a whole host of fast skimmer transports that are AV13 with shielding or flyers. Yes in the old book Necrons were slow and hard to kill, which is how rank upon rank of metal skeletons should be. Now they are arguably one of the fastest armies in the game and still hard to kill.

      When the new necron book came out I gave away my crons. Totally ruined them for me. Thank god tau didn't go same way and kept their playstyle intact.

    4. Lol that was meant to be necron troops at the start. Distracted.

      BS4 T4 4+ with get back up and a basic weapon that can glance any vehicle for 12pts. Brilliant foot soldiers

  5. I really like the scarab option. Very fluffy and very different from what they currently do. Does anyone know if the unit upgrades for flensing scarabs are 10 points for the entire unit or 10 points per model?

    1. I'm hoping per unit in cases such as Flayed Ones and Lychguard, else I really don't see it as worth it.

      On the plus side, Flayed Ones are troops (like they should be).

  6. Just curious about de Damocles Rhino: does the beacon work with all DS units or just teleporting ones like the previous rules set?

    1. I believe it says any deep striking unit, so JP, Termies, etc.

  7. Reading the Nightshroud's stats it's no wonder there are rumours about a lascannon-armed Hydra variant abound...

  8. They really need to stop with the "for 40k!!!" stuff. Without official word from GW it is mostly regarded as a nono in most parts even in local GW shops. It is stupid I agree (I would like to be able to use Blight Drones when ever), but we all know the strictness GW has created for itself over the years.
    I would just like GW to say one way or the other, the fact that they don't is quite unprofessional and sly and by that I mean they must have a reason they have been very reluctant to say themselves if FW officially allowed themselves and I'm guessing it involves money in some way.

    1. Well - the modern FW books have GW logos on them and information that they are official expansions to be used. You marely have to inform your opponent what units are you fielding and provide them with rules. Other than that - FW units are legal in 40k games.

    2. Some will always turn around and say show me a written sentence where GW actually say that themselves and you cannot because there is nothing officially by GW that says they endorse FW models in 40k in any capacity, only in FW books does it say that and that apparently does not mean squat to most. That is where the stupidity lies and many have been crying out to GW to clarify this over the years yet they always seem reluctant, further justifying people to say they are not legal from a GW stand point.

    3. I don't think GW will ever come out and say "these rules we publish we want you to buy and use, these other rules we publish we just want you to look at." Seems against their whole philosophy.

    4. If a models rule says “40k approved”, then officially you can use them, you will or may find that all the new stuff will not say that, or at least it didn’t used to anyway. Once it’s been out a while and play testes a lot, you may find out when it does change to “40k Approved” its points and other rules concerning it may have changed. Though some tournaments will not let you have any FW stuff.

    5. GW own FW the company that produces things with the 40k stamp and they're are based in the same building with the same overview, they are part of the same company, why on earth is this even an issue. Ask on the forge world facebook site or write an email to gw but don't ask the sales assistants who have less knowledge than the average forum surfer. Also this is only an issue in the US, myself and my friends have played in many gaming clubs in the UK and we've never had a problem. Tournaments are the only place where they might be restricted and understandably so. People abuse codices enough without giving them more eg. having a couple of sabre defence platforms is ok but taking a dozen of them isn't. If price is the problem, convert, scratchbuild and download pdfs.

      One last point, FW haven't written a rule set, both 40k and apocalypse are GW produced as are planetstrike and cities of death so I wonder what all those FW models are for?
      Playing action man?

  9. What are the rules for the storm eagle roc pattern? Any changes to the death wind drop pods?

  10. well it is nice and maybe now something more interesting such as any Eldar news ????

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. How does the new krieg list differ from the old?

    1. Its a different list, the siege regiment and armoured company lists will be pdfs at a later date.

  13. So does this mean flayed ones can have shred for 10 points?

  14. You know, more than anything I am pissed of at Kutlakh's WS5. Outside of Obyron no necron should have anything but WS4, I feel.

    1. You are pissed that an accomplished Nemesor who has skill with the blade that hasn't dissipated over the several million years?

  15. So all necron warlords and not just dark harvest lists may use the necron warlord table?

    I do love the tombstalker being elite now.
    And I prefer the rampage over rage(brutal assault) really. The outflank makes all the difference for me. Still shame units may not charge out of reserves. Dislike that in general in this edition.

  16. So there's nothing new for DKoK except a warlord table?

    1. Senior:
      Duty unto Death - effects Leadership tests
      Bring it Down - as normal
      Get Back in the Fight - ditto

      Dispersed Advance - gain Move through Cover
      First Rank etc - as normal
      Without Mercy - Lasguns become assault & unit gains Crusader rule

      Venner gets D3 additional Attcks at Initiative 1 when fighting in a challenge. All Krieg units within 12" may use his leadership (Ld12) for any and all leadership tests.

      He always has the Blood of Martyrs Warlord Trait - he and all Krieg within 6" have Preferred Enemy (Infantry).

      He also has Stubborn and Iron Discipline plus a fair amount of equipment.

      Some different FOC as well eg. grenadiers as troops, field artillery as heavy etc. check the contents page.

      FW will do the siege list and the armoured regiment as a pdf at a later date.

  17. That Nightshroud sounds completely broken. Pay to win!

  18. Was hoping to get some more pages for the Minotaurs...


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