A day late, simply because I was up way to late Saturday to get anything done for Sunday. In fact, I was well into the morning Sunday, since it was my monthly hosted board game night with Twilight Imperium. With that said, this last week ended with the big Beasts of War announcement that the Necron second wave is going to be May's big surprise. I am definitely down with that.

Presence of Faeit is my weekly editorial. I generally report during the week what is going on, and today is my day to comment on what exactly it is that I am thinking of.

Necron Second Wave
I was starting to worry that this wave was not going to come any time soon, and that we would be waiting for a long time. To be honest, May is the perfect release date for Necrons, and I am glad. The necron triarch walker is the one model I was really wanting to see happen, and it is. All the lists I was working on with Necrons included them, so very cool to see them coming.

I will be on it, to get as many pics and information as soon as its available, which really should be later this week. I have also heard from a couple retailers confirming that the Necrons are indeed coming.

Necron Flyers
It is sad when the biggest transport is not in the next release. However rumor has it that, or more so "the whispers" since there is nothing solid, that both flyers will be released in a big flyer release this fall. I am OK with that though I wish they were coming earlier than later. I am a patient man though (I did not used to be), so I look forward to this happening.

Grey Knights Refinement
Just wow, I am excited to finally be moving my list forward to a level that I am enjoying. While I will not release my current Grey Knight list, it does include the 3 units of purifiers that are standard in pretty much all my lists. It also goes a few unexpected directions so some modelling work is being done. I should be able to get something done on this later in the week, and be playing my first games with it over the weekend.

Another project going on this week, is craters. I am making 4 or so craters for terrain on my tabletop. While they will be made very similar to my vehicle wreckage markers (which I need to make more of), I will am hoping to complete them in a single day, and do a series of pictures or even a video for it.

Twilight Imperium
Twilight was a rather dastardly game this month. I had the goblin race the The Yssaril Tribes. While their racial abilities did not much effect the game, they  were the assassins and thieves during the game. I was able to assassinate one representative, and kill 2 heroes, and capture 3. By the games end, the Yssaril Tribes held far too much of the galaxy to be stopped. I had wiped out the player to my rights last space dock (although he was quickly building another one), and had taken the player to my lefts home system and surrounding systems.

The highlights though were taking the assembly strategy card and auctioning off who got the speaker token to the highest bidder, and having the system Hope's End right next me. I took it immediately and every round was making shock troops. At one point I had a ground force, two mechanized units, and 8 shock troops there. When I acquired gravity drives (my systems were sitting next to two wormholes), I was able to reach anywhere nearby with my xrd transporters upgraded carriers. My fleets were able to take the Jol-Nars homeworld and neighboring starbase system in a single round, along with Imperium Rex. With an abundant supply of shock troops and a couple mechanized forces, on the ground nothing could stop me.

Over all though, it was a great game, I dominated a little too much, but it was a great night. Great battles were fought on all sides, and it was the most aggressive game we had seen. It was odd that two out of 5 players had lost their home system by games end, and the number of capital ships on the board was 4. I think I was the only one without one.

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