Here is a brief summary of what was going on at Forgeworld Open Day 2012 for both Warhammer 40k and Fantasy. It being April Fools day yesterday, I am keeping everything on the down low. So any new rumors I have that are not surrounding Forgeworld Open Day are being reserved.

This summary was put together by Kroothawk. I will be posting some more detailed information that was sent my way later when I get the opportunity for those that are not able to attend, which includes myself.

via Kroothawk
Summary 40k
- New Mk IV Assault Space Marines

- New Tartaros Pattern character cc weapon upgrade pack

- 2 new SM Apothecarius models

- new Land Raider Spartan (capacity 20 SM or 10 Terminators)

- new Imperial flyer

- new Storm Eagle (based on Storm Raven, available in 6-8 weeks, 80 £)

- fun Space Shark and Khorne Flake models for display only

- Race specific RoB sections for 40k, also Cityfight terrain sections (will accommodate the GW 40k buildings), maybe trenches, maybe sections liking them to the Zone Mortalis boards

- New Zone Mortalis boards (diagonals, specifics) plus dressing kits for engineering and medical bay.

- no Elysians or other IG troops in the near future

- IA12 is Minotaur SM Vs Necrons. Focus is on sectorwide conflict rather than specific system/planet. Includes for necrons dragonfly swarms, some superheavies, Cryptec/Overlord upgrade/conversion sprue with heads, no new troops. Will be a 'snap shot' of a day in the Imperium, based around a predefined piece of space, sub-sector/system. It aims to show that the Imperium is torn apart by War, with multiple threats and conflicts in short periods of time. It endeavours to give a feel for how chaotic the universe really is.

- IA13 most likely the delayed Tzeentch/penal colony stuff

- next 3 or 4 IA story lines well developed

- Dark Eldar storyline needs rework because too grimdark even for 40k Simon Egan and Will Hayes would love to do DE models

- still plans for Adeptus Mechanicus in next 2-3 books, including Knights.

- more Modelling Masterclass volumes

Summary Fantasy
- new Colossal Squig from Monstrous Arcanum

- new Preyton from Monstrous Arcanum

- new Chaos Dwarf K'daai Fireborn from Tamurkhan book.

- Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs finished and K'daai Destroyer in the works.

- next book will be "Battle for the Fire Pass" campaign book, featuring Empire and Dwarfs vs Orcs and Goblins. Will probably include Dwarf Zeppelin. Mock-Up of book present. One different sculptor for each race.

- Race specific RoB sections for Fantasy

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