If this year only contained Chaos Legions and 6th edition, as a player and hobbyist I would be happy. So any Chaos Legions updates or rumors I am keen on. I cannot wait to see how this new army interacts with the current armies I see on the tabletops.

Please remember that these are rumors, and to grant them the standard amount of salt.

via theDarkGeneral
there may not be much focus on newer Chaos Space Marine chapters, keeping things squarely on the original 9 Traitor Legions and their splinter factions. This means it's likely there won't be much or any love for Huron.

Chaos may get a form of Preferred Enemy, but was unsure which units.

On Daemons, Daemon Princes could wind up being the only "Marked" Daemonic creatures. What this means is unclear. Could be he means there are no God-specicif Daemons, or that they are there, just that they don't use "Marks".

Whilst on the subject of Daemon Princes, they will move more in line with the ones in the Daemon Codex but "with a more Chaos Space Marine feel", gong on to say they may gain specific benefits for different Legions.

Terminators were a big topic, Chosen may not have access to Terminator Armour (contradicting his previous rumour), but that Cult Terminators would return in some form. He went on to say he believed there would only be two Terminator units, claiming one was some sort of "generic cult" unit that was given special rules according to the Legion being played. He made sure to reinforce that this was an early playtest, so things could have changed.

via Stickmonkey
a plastic Chaos drop pod could be in the works, but tempered that by saying we probably wouldn't see it any time soon. Whether the kit is released soon or not, there could be a chance of the rules appearing in the Codex though.

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